2009(Althought his account that was made in Beta ROBLOX was hacked and Delted.)


Very Active.

Well-Known For:

Being a F.E.A.R. Colonel, Building and Selling models.

Has been in F.E.A.R. Since it had 100 members in 2010, he was Private and zoomed past all the other ranks, until he hit Officer, the Highest Rank Before Colonel and General. Sadly, He became inactive on ROBLOX due to Computer Problems and Life situations. He had been officer for about 2 years. Then, He bought a new computer and went back to F.E.A.R. To obtain the Rank of Colonel!! Due to his friend that is a General who recommended him(ManyDJJohnyTest). It had been so great because everyone knew how active he was, so they did not complain when he became Colonel. But then he realized that he must train 100k soldiers into Battle/Raids and Defenses. Though he has seen Soldiers who have come and left ROBLOX/F.E.A.R. in the past 2 years, his Journey still continues as He reaches for General, The next Rank.