Spencer Mulligan, A.K.A, Fireofflames95.


Born in November 10th, 1990, Spencer Mulligan was succesful at building when he was a kid as his father persued him to become a Architect. In between that time, his nephew, Luke Starr joined the ROBLOX community. His nephews ROBLOXian username is Protectorzz. He was raised and born in LA, California, but his parents were from Miami, Florida. And he found that being an Architect was less fun. At the Age of 19, He went to College at the University of Florida. He got a degree in Architectural Design. But still, He lowered his chances at becoming an Architect. But he Persued his dream of Building. At the age of 20, He started to work for LEGO to live like a kid, He quoted "I rather gain money by having fun and working like A child, than being in a boring office doing something that's boring". At 21, He met a Beautiful Young woman named "Lexi Mulligan". While they were Going out, John Shedletsky(A.K.A. Telamon/Shedletsky, who he met in High School) offered him a job as a ROBLOX Moderator. Unfortunately, He declined the Request, he stated "I rather do something that I can touch with my hands, than something I can only look at". At the age of 22, On July 22'd, 2011, He got Married to Lexi Mulligan. And On March 2'd, 2012, He had a Child named "Nicolas Leonardo Mulligan", Spencer Mulligan is known on many sites on the internet such as X-Fire, ROBLOX(Fireofflames95), and Etc. Many people wonder why this 23 year-old man Plays ROBLOX, Spencer Quotes 'I Play ROBLOX Because my boss thinks it's a good way to bring up my creativity and skills, details for new LEGO sets and to build my Replica LEGO Models of Company LOGO's and Symbols, even though LEGO is not associated with ROBLOX, I still play it anyways!!" -Spencer Mulligan.